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You will soon get features like Facebook and Instagram on WhatsApp

WhatsApp New Feature: WhatsApp is constantly giving its users some new features. To give its users a great chat experience, the company has been working on a special feature for a few days. The company released WhatsApp beta version for WhatsApp Android Beta users a few days ago. In this new feature, users get the option to respond to any message. Let us know what the whole thing is.

What is the feature

According to media reports, Meta wants to add a response to messages on its messaging app WhatsApp on Facebook and Instagram. The test has been going on for several months. After introducing this feature named WhatsApp Message Reaction feature, users can respond to any message during chat.

The feature has been released in the beta version

According to news from the website WaBetaInfo, which monitors WhatsApp features, WhatsApp released it in beta version WaBetaInfo also shared some screenshots related to it. You can clearly see this feature released in the beta version. Now all users of WhatsApp are waiting for the release of this cool feature.

Can start soon

According to reports, the testing process for this feature is almost complete. A beta version of this has been released after testing. After a few days of experimentation in the beta version, it can all be started. It is expected that by the end of the year people will be able to get this feature in the new update of WhatsApp.

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