You can hide your status on WhatsApp this way, find out the easiest way here

There are many such features on WhatsApp, but they are more used but people don’t know much about them. Nowadays, we tell our friends and relatives whats up every day in our lives through whatsapp status. With this, they also check how many people have seen our condition so far. But many times we want some people not to see our status, then we can hide our status from such people. Today we are telling you how to hide status on WhatsApp.

How to hide status in WhatsApp

To hide whatsapp status, first go to Settings.
Now go to privacy by tapping the account option here.
Here you will see last, Profile photo, About and Status options.
Here you have to tap the status.
After doing this you have three options, My Contacts, Excluding My Contacts and Share Only
Here you have to choose My Contacts Except.
Now your contact list will appear in front of you.
Here you can now select the person you want to hide your status.
Once this is done, the person you selected will not be able to see your WhatsApp status.

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