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Worried about offline app ads on mobile? By following these procedures, the problem goes away

Block unwanted ads: Today we use smartphones for many things. For this, we put all the apps on our phone. These can be gaming, banking, investing, shopping, social media and many other applications. These apps are available online and offline. Some of these ads begin to appear on our screens during the use of offline apps. To stop them, companies want a paid membership. If you too are bothered by this kind of problem, we are going to tell you some such tactics through which you can solve this problem to a considerable extent and block ads.

This is because advertising comes offline

In fact, such apps store some ads in your phone’s memory as soon as they are downloaded. Because of this, from time to time these ads start to appear on your phone screen. If these apps don’t get Internet access, they can stop showing ads.

Here’s the trick

Let us now learn about some of these tricks by which you can stop such ads.

  1. Uninstall and restore the application – Uninstall an offline app that is bothering you with ads. Clear the cache from the phone and restore it. Shortly after installing, when it clears all its old data, open it.
  2. Go to the app’s app info settings – You can also control ads from here. First go to the app’s app info page. There are many options for this. You go to the app selection in the phone’s settings. Click on the latest app here and then find the app you want to change. Go to App Application Info. Here you have to click on the network name option. After that click on Mobile Data and Wi-Fi option. After this you get the option to block ads.

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