World’s cheapest smartphone to be launched on September 10, know what the price is?

Next Geo Phone: Reliance Jio, led by entrepreneur Mukesh Ambani, is set to release the Google-powered Jio Phone Next on September 10 at an estimated price of Rs 3500. It will be the cheapest smartphone in the world to bring India’s 300 million feature phone users online. The company has entered into an agreement with major financial institutions to provide the phone with an initial payment of Rs 500.

Mukesh Ambani has set ambitious goal of selling 50 million phones with Reliance Jio SIM by December 2021, making Reliance Jio the world’s largest telecom company after China Mobile Communications Corporation with over 500 million subscribers. On the other hand, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai believes that the Geo Phone Next will open up new possibilities for millions of new users who experience the Internet for the first time.

Geo Phone Next Features
The Jio Phone Next comes with customers with 2GB and 3GB RAM options. This is where the Android OS will be used. It has language and translation capabilities. Supports better camera and Android updates. Geophone Next has Google Assistant, automatic read-aloud screen text and more, all very affordable.


It is believed that the smartphone will be included with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 215 CPU that supports the 4G network. In terms of internal storage, Jio can release 16GB and 32GB models. There may be a 5.5-inch display with HD quality. Other features include GPS, EMMC 4.5 Storage and Bluetooth 4.2.

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