Workout at the Kodagi landslide site by the NDRF team

Kodagu: The Kodagu district, which has been plagued by natural disasters for the past two years, is facing fears that the locals are still at risk, as the NDRF and SDRF teams have come to train.

The NDRF from Chennai and the SDRF teams from Bangalore are working with the Reserve Police and Fire Brigade in the district. Teams are working on the protection of people during floods and landslides in the Gajagiri hill of Talakauvery, where the last five were buried.

Suspicions have been raised as to why training in the same location has been proven to be the main reason behind the landslide at Gajagiribetta last year. In addition, there are hundreds of mounds in the Brahmagiri Hill. The landslide again this time in Talacauvery, so it is doubtful whether the NDRF team started practicing on the site of the last landslide.

Defense teams are practicing and doing the work of making people aware of the danger of flooding and flooding in areas where people are safe. Heavy rains have been pouring in Kodagu since January, this time along with the training of the defense teams and the preparation of the sheriff.

The locals are worried that this time we will not have any hardship. The sheriff’s office says that when the rains begin, people move from dangerous places to safe places. But those who lost their homes in 2018 have not yet given up their home. Thousands have been needy for three years. The locals question where they should go.

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