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With good strategy and hard work, Nisha Grewal succeeded in the civil service, learn important things

IAS Topper Nisha Grewal’s Success Story: Today we tell you about Nisha Grewal who scored All India 51 rank in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020. Leaving the village of Bhiwani, Haryana, Nisha made her dream of becoming an IAS by passing the prestigious exam like UPSC. After graduating with a BA Honors from the prestigious college of the University of Delhi, Nisha prepared for UPSC and was successful in the first attempt. Today we will tell you how they completed the UPSC journey.

Nisha’s is a simple family
Nisha’s is a simple family. The father is in the power department and the mother is a housewife. Nisha was very active in studies from the beginning and her grandfather was very supportive of her. Nisha received her BA Honors Degree in Political Science from Delhi University College after her Intermediate. She was very clear about her goal and started preparing for UPSC completely after graduation. On his first attempt, All India made his dream of becoming an IAS a succession of 51st.

How to prepare for UPSC?
According to Nisha, she spends about 8 to 9 hours a day studying. Strengthen your base with NCERT books according to curriculum. After this, make from standard books. As for training, Nisha says that if you are having trouble with preparation, then you may be hesitant to take on the help of training. Moreover, you can also make from the materials available on the internet.

Watch Nisha Grewal’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Nisha advises other candidates
Nisha believes that if you are preparing for UPSC, you should proceed with good strategy. They say you can’t reach your destination unless you try for it every day. According to him, hard work, proper technique, maximum refinement, and the practice of writing the answers are critical to success. Taking all of this into consideration can be a success in the civil service.

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