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With 60 seconds available for Stories Video now on Instagram, the company is working on this feature

New features on Instagram: Instagram users have sweet news. This company, owned by Meta, will soon bring a new feature to users. Under this, now on Instagram you will be able to make videos for up to 60 seconds for stories. The most important thing is that it does not break down into different parts. You get all the videos in one frame. Tell us what the full feature is and when it can be launched.

Testing is in progress

Following a social media update, Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) and Alessandro Paluzzi (@ alex193a), who shared the information on Twitter, wrote that Instagram will soon have the option to make videos up to 60 seconds for stories. The company is testing it. Initially the facility was said to be only available to iOS users. But soon this feature will be released to Android. The big advantage of this feature is that now your video will not be split into many parts during the stories. With more recording time, you’ll be able to see your story in one frame.

For each video reels category

In addition, there is also a discussion on Instagram, where the company will soon be adding to the reels section of every video you make, whether the video size is big or the time. The company is preparing to place each video in the reels section. There is also news that reels increase video time. This means that under this feature, you will be able to make video for reels longer than 60 seconds. Now people are waiting for these features to be released soon.

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