Windows 11 is being released today, gaining more, including access to Android apps

After a long wait, the release date for Windows 11 has finally been revealed. It will be available to users from October 5th. From this day, Windows can be upgraded on the system. To give users a better experience, there are many great features. Specifically, Android apps are also supported. However, users may have to wait a while. According to Aaron Woodman, general manager of Windows Marketing, Microsoft previews and Android app support and access will only be available to Windows Insider within a few months.

Amazon hands-on for Android apps
Through our collaboration with Amazon and Intel, we are working to bring the Android apps to Windows 11 and the Microsoft Store and are committed to making it available as soon as possible, Woodman said. It will roll out in a few months with a preview of Windows Insiders.

Can be updated for free
Windows 11 was only available to select users who were part of the Windows Insider program before, but now it’s available to all users on October 5th. Anyone can update their computer or laptop to Windows 11 for free. Preloaded laptops are also available with its Windows 11.

You get a lot new with the new look
Microsoft has made many changes in Windows 11. You will see changes in its design, interface and start menu. Apart from this, you will also see a change in Windows Start Sound. The company has now removed Hi Cortana on Windows 11 with a welcome screen. Windows 11 has been given a new look, including many attractive and advanced themes. When you update it, you see different types of graphics each time.

A screen works in multiple windows
The taskbar of Windows 11 has changed a lot compared to the previous one. In it, the icons can be seen in the middle, which makes your experience quite exciting. Not only that, but its start menu has also changed a lot. What’s special is that in this system you will be able to work across multiple windows on one screen. This is called Snap layout. Many people do multitasking, so this is very beneficial for them.

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