Will ‘umpire call’ be canceled? What Ganguly, Ponting, Sangakkara said at the MCC meeting!

The umpire’s call has once again become controversial. Because of this provision introduced by the ICC, some players have survived. Team India captain Virat Kohli is out in the second Test against Chennai. Joe Root is survived by England captain. This caused a lot of debate on social media. Demands are rising from the natieness of not repealing the umpire’s call. In the wake of the recent meeting of the Merylbone Cricket Club (MCC), the governing body of cricket regulations, the decision has been taken.

The umpire’s call clause, introduced by the ICC in 2016, has made the on-field umpires’ decision a high priority. The third umpire’s call is to leave the decision to the field umpire under Benefit of Doubt in the case of Batsman Out or Not Here the outcome of the review depends on the decision of the field umpire. In this way, the field umpire is bound by the initial decision. Sometimes this seems to be the right rule .. In many cases the umpires’ call has led to controversy.

Virat Kohli in the second innings of the second Test .. Moin Ali bowled out LBW. Ali appealed for LBW at first. Umpire Nitin Menon waved. Kohli went for a review .. He was out because of the umpire’s call rule. In the second innings of England’s appeal, Joe Root’s catch-out in the bowling of Akshar Patel was dismissed by India’s umpire. India has been deeply disappointed with the decision of umpire Nitin Menon.

Root faced Akshar’s ball and it fell directly into the keeper’s pant’s hands. However, the catch appealed to the Tendia umpire as it was hitting the root bat. But field umpire Nitin Menon declared out. This led to Indian captain Kohli going to DRS. The ball appeared to hit the root pad as part of the replay. The Third Empire once again looked at the possibility that LB had any chances. The ball appeared to pass over the offstamp, touching the pods. It was clear in the replay that it was out. But the ball was on the off stump and the decision was handed to the third umpire. The field umpire then made the first decision. Root was still alive. In this backdrop, the demand for the umpire’s call clause has been revoked.

MERLYBORN Cricket Club (MCC), the maker of cricket regulations, announced that the umpire’s decision to call was a key decision at the latest meeting. As part of their agenda, the committee comprising BCCI boss Sourav Ganguly, former Australian captain Ricky Ponting, former Sri Lankan captain Kumara Sangakkara and Aussies spin giant Shane Warne. Others, however, said they were satisfied with the current policy. However, the MCC will send its views and proposals to the ICC. The ICC will make the final decision.

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