WhatsApp’s 3 amazing tricks

WhatsApp Tricks: People use the instant messaging app WhatsApp more. This is because of the friendly features of WhatsApp. People love to chat with their friends and family on WhatsApp. Office work has also been made easier by WhatsApp in recent times. From time to time, the company brings features to suit the needs of the users. Although many people are not aware of these handy features of WhatsApp. Today we are talking about 3 simple tricks and features of WhatsApp that will make your life much easier.

WhatsApp message pop-up This is a wonderful feature. In this you get a pop-up notification of WhatsApp. If you wish, you can set up a WhatsApp messages pop-up on your phone. The advantage is that as soon as you get a message on your phone, that message will appear on your phone’s screen. For this, you do not need to open WhatsApp again, you can read the pop-up message on the screen itself.

Message by talking on WhatsApp Not many people know about this feature. In this feature you can send a WhatsApp message to anyone without typing. To use this feature, Mike’s two options appear when typing a message. You must speak your message by pressing the keyboard icon. Whatever you say, it will be typed. This way, when you are busy with some tasks, you can type a message.

WhatsApp Shortcut If you chat with someone enough, you can create a shortcut to chat with them. With this you can send messages to that person without opening WhatsApp. The icon will appear on your mobile with a photo of the shortcut you selected for the chat. After that you can chat with that person.

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