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WhatsApp: WhatsApp is working on this great feature, first of all these users will be able to use

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature:Adding new features to WhatsApp that improves the user experience. According to the report, WhatsApp is working on a global voice note player that allows users to play voice messages even after leaving the chat. This feature has now started rolling for some users. According to reports, Global Voice Note Player is available in WhatsApp Beta for iOS.

Currently, when a user leaves a particular chat and returns to the chat list or opens another chat, the voice message stops. With the new feature, voice messages continue to play in the background even when users swipe back or open another chat. It should be noted that the Global Voice Note Player feature does not have an official name. WhatsApp has not confirmed it yet.

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According to the report, this feature is currently being rolled out to some iOS beta testers, including WhatsApp Business Beta. WhatsApp Messenger Beta for iOS 22.1.72 and WhatsApp Business Beta for iOS 22.1.72 have been identified as updates for the new feature. Its rollout is expected by everyone in the near future. For Android users, this feature is still under development and there is no news on the release date.

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