WhatsApp Voice Message Transcription feature is enabled, the message is translated by speaking

Instant Messaging App WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has two special features. One of these features is supported on Android and iOS platforms. Testing the voice message transcription feature. In addition, WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption support for users for cloud backup. Learn about them.

Add-to-end encryption is supported
According to a recent post on WhatsApp’s update tracker WABetaInfo, add-to-end encryption support for cloud backups is available to all users. The Voice Message Transcription feature is only available to iOS users. However, the company can later bring it to Android users.

The feature works like this
WhatsApp, with the upcoming feature of Voice Message Transcription, makes user work much easier. With the help of this feature, users do not need to type the message, you can translate the message from one language to another by speaking.

The data will be saved
WhatsApp has already answered the questions that arise in the minds of users before launching this feature. The company said users’ voice data would not be shared with parent company Facebook. Apple copies them. According to WABetaInfo, when the message is first transcribed, the transcript is saved locally in the WhatsApp database. In this case, there is no need to transcribe it again. However, users need permission to do so.

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