WhatsApp View brings out the feature once, learn how it works

Quick messaging app WhatsApp brings new features every day to make the app better. Taking this to the fore, the company has come up with an amazing feature. This feature name is a feature once view. With this feature, the message disappears after the scene. After this feature, message recipients will be able to see the message and media file only once. After the user sees the message, it will automatically disappear.

This way it works
According to a report by WABetaInfo, which tracks updates on WhatsApp, this feature has just been introduced for Android users of the beta app. According to a screenshot shared by WABetaInfo on Twitter, users will be able to send the disappearing photo from the phone’s gallery. For this, after selecting a photo, users will see a watch-like icon, which needs to be tapped. You will see this option next to the title bar when sending a photo.

WhatsApp needs to be updated
You can use WhatsApp’s View Once feature for photos and videos and GIFs. Users will need to update their WhatsApp beta version number to to use this feature. According to Webinfo, even if users disable read vouchers, they will know whether the receiver has seen the photo once the view has been opened with the feature being sent. Also, if you send a photo of a group disappearing, you will know to open a photo of a member of the group.

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