WhatsApp messages disappear once they are viewed

WhatsApp is bringing new features to make its user experience better. The company has now brought another useful feature to users. New WhatsApp Feature View Ones Launched The specialty of this feature is that once you read the message or view any photo and video, that message will automatically disappear. This means that if you send a message to someone, the recipient of the message will only be able to see the message once.

How does the new feature work?
According to media reports, WhatsApp has introduced this feature for current beta users. Once the View feature, you’ll be able to send a photo disappearing from the phone’s gallery. To use this feature, you must tap the Watch icon after selecting the photo. Now when sending any photo or video, you’ll see the View option once near the title bar. You have to choose it.

Messages disappear automatically once viewed
Any type of message will disappear after you see this new feature. If you share any photo or video with this feature, the other person has the opportunity to see it. The sender of the message can also know whether the message was delivered and viewed. However, the recipient of the message can take a screenshot of that message if desired. By doing this, the messenger may not even know. There is currently no system for identifying screenshots on WhatsApp.

After the introduction of this new feature, you no longer need to delete your sent messages. With this, WhatsApp’s chatbox will not fill in your phone and you will get a break from deleting it again and again.

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