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WhatsApp is now able to send chat from iPhone to Android phone, Google has found a solution

WhatsApp Tricks: WhatsApp is becoming very important to every person who uses mobile today. For a variety of reasons, they want to keep WhatsApp’s chat history. This is the reason why people back up WhatsApp chats as soon as they get a new phone, but this option is not available when switching from iPhone to Android phone. This caused people a lot of trouble. But Google has now found a solution to this problem. Now you can easily transfer your WhatsApp chat backup from iPhone to Android phone.

Google said the option to transfer chats from iPhone to Android phone is now available on every Pixel phone. Not only that, this feature is available on all phones that are released with Android 12. This feature already exists for Samsung phones. Now you want to know how to transfer your WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android phone. There are two options for this. Let us know these steps one by one.

  1. Via USB-C You will need a USB-C to Lightning cable for this. Connect your phone to it. After this, scan the QR code to launch WhatsApp on your iPhone when connected to it during the settings of the new Android phone. After this you will be able to transfer the chat to your new Android device.
  2. By setting – Under this option, you have to go to WhatsApp for iOS on your iPhone. Click on the setting after that. Then click on the chat option. Here you get the Move Chat option for Android. By clicking on it, you will be able to transfer your WhatsApp conversation to Android phone. This transfer includes text chat, voice chat, photos, voice messages and video content.

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