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WhatsApp is bringing a special feature, this big update will be available in profile picture settings

The instant messaging app WhatsApp is popular worldwide for its excellent features. Considering the features of the users in the App, new features have been rolled out, as well as new updates to the old features so users can enjoy the experience better. The company will be updating another such feature. In fact there are three options for a profile picture so far, where everyone can see it or see a newcomer or someone in your contact. At the same time, another option will now be added to it. Let us know what happens.

Now there is no such option
According to a recent report from WhatsApp Tracker WABetaInfo, the company is bringing such an option to its user profile photo, in which they will be able to determine who can see their profile picture in their contacts. To date, the company does not offer any such option.

These options are available so far
After this update, users can choose the ‘Exclude My Contacts’ option in the profile picture settings. With its help, you will be able to determine who can see your profile picture from your contact list. Prior to this, only ‘All’, ‘My Contacts’ and ‘Nobody’ options were available from the company.

Available to Android users
According to the WABetaInfo report, this update is available from the company for Android Beta version In this case, it is believed that this feature is currently only available to Android users. However, this feature is expected to be brought to iOS users later.

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