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WhatsApp is bringing a new feature, you will be able to delete messages sent for 7 days

WhatsApp Update: There are always some changes in WhatsApp. It is reported that Instant Messaging App WhatsApp is now looking to extend the deadline for the ‘Delete Message for All’ feature. If users want to delete a message sent on WhatsApp, let us tell you that they have only one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds to delete it. Users only have the option to delete the message after this deadline. But now this feature will change soon and users will have the option to delete the sent message even after 7 days.

Speaking of this feature, WhatsApp Tracker said, “This feature is still under development, so it can be changed many times. Currently we have to wait for the feature to be fully developed.

Let us know that the Delete feature is a useful tool for everyone on Whatsapp. With this help we can delete the wrong message. If this feature extends the time limit, then the user will be compensated. They get the power to delete old seven-day messages.

Two new features have come up recently

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced two new security features for Indian users, Flash calls and message level reporting. This new feature offers users better security and control features. At the same time, WhatsApp’s beta channel has also released an update. This update is for Android users. In addition, WhatsApp has been working on developing the Message Response feature for a few months.

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