WhatsApp has launched a new feature, the archived chat will not be visible even after the message arrives

WhatsApp New Feature Released: There is good news for millions of people using WhatsApp around the world. WhatsApp released its new feature on Wednesday, allowing users to have more control over their archived chats. With this feature of WhatsApp, the archived chat will not show up in the inbox despite the arrival of the new message. WhatsApp has released a new setting feature for archived chats. WhatsApp has been testing this feature for the past few years. It is started after the test is successful.

How this feature works
WhatsApp’s new feature gives you the option to archive your chats. When you turn it on, a new message will appear in your archived chat, but it won’t appear in your inbox. This chat will remain muted. You will not have any trouble with the new text. You can un-archive it if you want to see that chat. Simply put, your most important chats appear in the inbox. You can archive chats you don’t need.

Testing has been going on for many years
People had demanded such a feature from WhatsApp many years ago. In the last few years, WhatsApp has tested this feature since it was developed. This feature was first seen in beta version 2019. After successful testing, WhatsApp has now released this feature for all users.

WhatsApp said this in its statement
WhatsApp has made a statement about this feature and how it will prove more beneficial to users. According to the statement, “We know that everything does not always have to be front and center. We want to make sure your WhatsApp remains private and secure where you can communicate with people who are most important to you.” And let all the messages be under your control. “

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