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WhatsApp has introduced two new security features, what have you tried?

WhatsApp Flash Calls, Message Level Report: WhatsApp has introduced two new security features in India. First flash call and second message level report. With the message level reporting feature, users can flag any message and report the account. At the same time, the Flash Call feature has been added to the SMS verification required for the registration process on WhatsApp. WhatsApp says both of these new features have been introduced to make the user experience safer.

Many security features already exist
It is worth noting that besides end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp provides many more features for security purposes. For example, Enable Touch ID or Face ID to block numbers, control who shares what, hide messages and lock apps. In an effort to make the platform safer, the Quick Messaging app has introduced flash calling and message level reporting features.

What is a Flash Call feature?
With the new Flash Call feature, users now have the option to verify their phone number by automatic calling. So far the number can only be verified through SMS. This should be done when users launch WhatsApp on a new phone or reinstall it on another phone. Currently, this feature is only available for Android users.

What is a message level report?
At the same time, through the message level reporting feature, WhatsApp users can report the account to WhatsApp by identifying any specific message. This can be done by long tapping on any message.

Other WhatsApp features
Aside from that, let us tell you that WhatsApp has many security features – you can control who can see your profile photo and who’s not, with the option to hide what you last saw. There are many more such features.

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