WhatsApp has been fined 1,942 crores in Ireland. Learn the reason

The popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has suffered a major setback due to its excellent features around the world. In fact, to share personal data with other Facebook companies in Ireland, the company has to pay 225 million euros, about Rs 1,942 crore. The fines were imposed three years ago under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the company.

‘Wrongfully fined’
According to media reports, WhatsApp said the fines are completely wrong and the company will continue with it. A spokesperson for the company said the app is completely safe and we are committed to protecting users’ data. This penalty is not acceptable to us in any way, we will appeal to it.

So the action
In fact, in Ireland, corporate tax is low and there are offices of many large companies including Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and this country is said to not work for companies. WhatsApp was initially fined only 3 433 crore, but due to pressure from European Union countries, it has multiplied.

3 million WhatsApp accounts frozen in India
WhatsApp recently released its monthly compliance report. In the span of 46 days, the company is said to have shut down about 30 lakh WhatsApp accounts. WhatsApp reported in its report that it received 594 complaints during the period, over which the company took action. Most of these accounts have been shut down due to automated or bulk messages.

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