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WhatsApp has banned 1750000 accounts in India

WhatsApp function: WhatsApp says 1,759,000 WhatsApp accounts have been banned in India in November, in line with IT rules 2021. In November, WhatsApp received 602 complaints from the country and 36 of them took action. A WhatsApp spokesperson said, “As of IT rules 2021, we have published our 6th monthly report for the month of November. This user security report contains details of user complaints and related actions taken by WhatsApp and WhatsApp. Preventive Measures. “

“WhatsApp banned 1.75 million accounts in November, as reported in the new monthly report,” the spokesperson said. In October, WhatsApp banned more than 2 million accounts in India. WhatsApp in India has more than 400 million users.

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“Over the years, we have continually invested in artificial intelligence and other sophisticated technology, data scientists and experts and processes to keep our users safe on our platform,” the company said.

On the other hand, in November, the meta claimed that Facebook was the “act” of 16.2 million content in 13 active violence categories in India. Photo-sharing platform Instagram has taken action against more than 3.2 million content pieces in 12 consecutive categories over the same period.

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The new IT rules – enacted in May last year – require large digital platforms (with more than 5 million users) to publish compliance reports each month, detailing the complaints received and the actions taken. “We will continue to bring greater transparency to our work and add more information about our efforts in future reports,” WhatsApp said.

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