WhatsApp chat can be ‘secret’, learn better strategies

WhatsApp Tricks: WhatsApp is the most popular application in the world these days and is used more and more in personal life. Millions of people express their feelings through this. Most people don’t want anyone reading their WhatsApp chats. For this, they lock the phone. But today we are going to tell you some great tricks that can keep your WhatsApp chat a secret. No one will be able to see the chat even if they want to.

Make the chat a secret like this
1. Open your WhatsApp first. Here you will see all the contacts you are chatting with.

2. Long tap the contact of the person you want to chat with.

3. After this, a folder-like option appears in front of you. When you click on it, your chat will be archived.

4. Now that contact disappears from your chat list. If you scroll, you won’t see that connection.

5. With this, if someone opens your WhatsApp and sees the chat box, he will not see that chat.

6 .. However, when you go to the contact list and find it, you find it. Furthermore, if you do not select him, he will start appearing on the chat list.

Make WhatsApp Chat more secure in this way
If you want to make your WhatsApp chat more secure and confidential, you can enable Fingerprint Lock by going to WhatsApp’s settings. After activating this lock, no one except you will be able to open WhatsApp. In a way, your chat is confidential.

WhatsApp will soon be releasing these great features
WhatsApp is set to release many great features soon. These include Vanishing Mode, View Ones and Multiple Device Support. When disappearing mode is turned on, all your WhatsApp chats disappear automatically after 7 days. Once the View feature, the message disappears automatically after someone sees your message. Under the multi-device idea, you will be able to run WhatsApp on multiple devices at a time.

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