WhatsApp brings out the Multi-Device feature, enabling the same account to be run on multiple devices at once

The quick messaging app WhatsApp brings out the feature that users have been waiting for. Yes, we are talking about the multi-device feature. The company has released its beta version. With the help of this feature, you will be able to run a WhatsApp account on four devices. What’s special is that even if the main device is off, WhatsApp will continue to run on the other device.

These people are now available
WhatsApp Chief Will Cathcart has announced a limited public beta test for the app’s updated multi-device feature. Currently, this beta is available to a specific group of testers who are part of WhatsApp’s beta program. According to Kathcart, it will soon be rolled out globally. .

WhatsApp 4 is able to run on devices
According to media reports, under the WhatsApp Multi-Device feature, users will be able to run WhatsApp on three additional devices in addition to the main device, that is, they will be able to run WhatsApp on four devices simultaneously. With this feature, users may initially be a little worried about performance and quality, but it will be corrected with time, according to the report.

Works without the internet
It is made clear in the report that users need to download the latest version of the app to use the feature’s multi-device feature. Additionally, the extra devices linked to the main device work even if there is no active internet connection, meaning that once connected to the other device, you can go offline from the main device if you wish. WhatsApp continues to run on additional devices, even after going offline.

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