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What to do if the phone falls into the water or gets wet in the rain

Smartphone Tips and Tricks: We do everything we can to keep our phone from getting wet, but still sometimes the phone gets wet, or sometimes the phone falls into the water. What to do if this happens? You don’t have to worry a little. If your phone falls into the water, you need to show your understanding and don’t do anything in a hurry so that the phone gets worse. On the other hand, here are some tips on how to turn the phone wet in the rain. If something similar happens on your phone, you can follow these tips.

What to do if the phone is wet in the water

If your phone is wet, first turn it off, if it’s on, don’t try to press any button. Doing so may pose a risk of short circuits worsening the state of the phone.

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If you can drain the battery from your phone, then remove the battery, SIM card, memory card. If the battery is not removed, there is a risk of short circuit.

Now try drying the phone with the help of a fan or hair dryer. If water appears on the phone, wipe with a handkerchief with a light hand.

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If you don’t have a dryer, you can put the phone in dry rice. But keep in mind that your phone’s headphone jack should not go rice. Leave the phone dry for 24 hours.

Now pick up the phone from the rice and turn it on. If it’s not turned on, keep it on charging. If it is not turned on, you will need to take it to the repair center.

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