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What is Bully Mouth Op, Raleigh works on GitHub, learn in detail here

Bully Mouth: Over the past few days, there has been an increase of two words from the media to social networking sites in the country. There is a lot of debate on this on social networks. At the same time it has also become a political issue. These two words are bully mouth, which has been a lot of discussion in recent times. Let’s explain in detail what this bully mouth is and why there is so much controversy about it.

Understand what a bully’s mouth is like in this way

The bully mouth app is not available on the Google Play Store or the App Store. It is available on a platform named GitHub. Simply put, Muslim women are being auctioned off here. When this app opens, Muslim women face a screen named Bully Bai. This includes using the names of the most active Muslim women on social networking sites. Images of these Muslim women are shared with the price tag (Muslim Women Bidding).

It is also being promoted through a Twitter handle called Bully Mouth. This handle is written to book Muslim women. However, after the intervention of the Government of India, this application and this Twitter handle have now been removed.

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What is GitHub

The bully mouth app is only available on the GitHub platform. In such a situation, it is also important to understand what GitHub is. GitHub is an open source platform that gives its users the option to create and share any application. You can sell any kind of app here, personal or professional, as well as sell it.

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Bully Bice as Sully Deals

According to the latest information, Bully Buy App is exactly like Sully Deals. Sully deals were promoted last year. Images of Muslim women have been exploited. Notably, Sully deals are also made on the GitHub platform. However, the Delhi Police has taken action immediately after receiving the complaint and once again the Delhi Police is also active in the bully buy case. Police have asked for information on its creators from GitHub. In addition, the account details were asked for by the first tweeted Twitter.

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