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Want to sit at home and pass the UPSC exam, adopt Himanshu Gupta’s tremendous strategy

IAS Topper Himanshu Gupta’s Success Story: Every year millions of young people in the country prepare for UPSC and attend exams. Some have success on the first try and others have to work hard for a long time. If you move in the right direction with a good strategy, your chances of success are greatly increased. Today, we will tell you the story of Himanshu Gupta, the IAS, after the success of UPSC Exam 2020. Preparing for civilian services by living in a small town, she made her dream of becoming an IAS by passing the UPSC exam. His technique is inspiring other people.

Himanshu’s journey begins and so on

Himanshu hails from the town of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. His father ran a shop and Himanshu visited it every morning. He read the newspapers very carefully. While reading the newspaper, his interest turned to civilian service. Then decided to prepare with the help of the Internet. He made full use of the Internet in preparation and continued to read newspapers. Their UPSC journey thus began.

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Success with this technique

Himanshu decided to study self rather than go to the big city for coaching. He first read NCERT books and then prepared from a standard book. Notes can be taken from the Internet whenever he wants. The Internet has helped him immensely in his preparation. Similarly, Himanshu passed the UPSC exam on his first attempt in 2018. In terms of rank, they got the Indian Railways. Then in 2019, he was once again a success and this time took over the Indian Police Service. He secured the IAS service by earning the All India Rank 139 in his third attempt.

Watch Himanshu Gupta’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Recommended to others by Himanshu

Himanshu advises candidates who are preparing for UPSC to come up with a good strategy. Those who wish to settle down in a small village or town should seek the help of the internet and make their dream come true. Himanshu says read the daily newspaper, refer to NCERT books, go to the internet and see the notes and make your timetable accordingly. According to Himanshu, you can clear the UPSC exam by taking care of these little things.

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