Very soon a child’s mobile phone will go addictive, just have to do this thing

Nowadays, the craziness of mobile phones and online games is so high that children spend most of the day with mobile phones. Now mobile phone cases are coming to the fore. Recently, the case of a 16-year-old miner hanging dead when his family members did not return a smartphone came to the fore. It is unknown how much such events are happening in the country and in the world. On the other hand, if you are bothered by the habit of using your child’s mobile, we are giving you some tips to reduce or eliminate the habit of using your child’s mobile. & nbsp;

Keep these kids away from mobile with the help of these tips & nbsp;

  • If your child is using mobile all day long, spend time with him, love him and don’t give him a mobile. If the child is busy with your speech, mobile practice can be reduced.
    Start sending them to the classroom, drawing, dancing, music, etc. according to his interest.
    If your child is free, then do many household chores, depending on their ability, so that he too can become self-sufficient.
    To keep your child away from mobile, bring him closer to nature. Ask him to look after the plants. & Nbsp;
    One of the best ways to keep a child away from smartphones and online games is to bring a pet so he can spend the whole day with it. & Nbsp;
    The most important thing is that you should only use your mobile when you need it at home. If you use less, the child will use less. & Nbsp;

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