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UPSC Results 2020: Rhea Doby, sister of former UPSC topper Tina Doby, ranked 15th

UPSC Results 2020: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the results of the Civil Services Examination 2020 on Friday evening. Shubham Kumar is the Topper in the results released this year, Awareness Awaresthya is second and Ankita Jain is third. Interestingly, Vaishali Jain, the sister of Ankita Jain, is ranked third and is also ranked 21st. If the 2015 batch is an IAS topper, Tina Doby’s sister Rhea Doby is 15th.

ABP News spoke exclusively with Rhea Doby and her family, among those who met and congratulated them at home and about their exam preparation.

Riya’s father says his two daughters took the country’s toughest and best test on the first try. Tina took first place in 2015. At the same time, Ria, who is five years younger than him, is ranked 15th in the results announced this year. He says with pride “It is a triumph of the will of two people, credit to their hard work.”

Rhea Doby says she did not expect him to get such a good rank. Also, for preparations, he never stopped reading the newspaper and taking updates. As a suggestion for people taking the IAS exam, Dobby says “revision is more important than studying because the UPSC curriculum is very detailed and it is important to have a grasp on each subject.” Ria’s optional subject is international relations, but she studied political honors at Lady Shri Ram College.

Covid 19 All the schools of the eraHandwork Colleges or training centers are closedHandworkHow to prepare at such timeWhat?

On this question, Rhea told ABP News that he took up coaching in 2019, there was no covid, and then he studied at home.

What are hobbies What?

She is very fond of painting, Madhubani does paintings and says, “I need to stress during exams. I have always been interested in painting since I was a child.

How many hours each day to study and what practices to leaveWhat?

“You have to give up a lot of things, disconnect from social media. I spent about 10 hours studying.” Riya Dobi credits her success to her mother Hemali Dobi. My mother has developed good habits in me since childhood, which she says took advantage of every step. Testing is very difficult, it is not selected, do not lose hope, pay more attention to revision.

Tears of joy in the eyes of a passionate mother

IAS officer Tina and Rhea Doby’s mother, Hemali, sighed when she spoke, “My two daughters are my eyes. The way I raised them, they left no stone unturned. Hard work, Riya was reading too much. Tell her son, take some rest, I’ll call my daughters.” There is so much pride.

Are Tina Dobby and Rhea Doby’s parents tough parents? What?

Responding to the question, Ria laughed and said, “My parents are a mix of strict and linear parents. They’re both toppers from school.”

Which cadre do you want to meet?

I want to work on the safety and health of women in Rajasthan.

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