Union minister Ravishankar Prasad made this statement on social media targeting Twitter

The controversy between the Government of India and Twitter is growing as the new IT rules are not followed. As the Ghaziabad case escalates, now Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has taken to Twitter. He took many a tweet against Twitter by taking a tough stance. Prasad said the law cannot be avoided in the name of freedom of expression.

‘The law cannot escape’
Prasad made several consecutive posts, in which he said that “if any foreign body feels that it is a flag bearer of freedom of expression in India, it will protect itself from law enforcement.”

‘Surprised not to act in fake news’
He said on social media that it is true that Twitter failed to comply with the mediator guidelines that went into effect on May 26. Twitter was given many chances but decided not to comply with the new law. Prasad said that after the incident in Ghaziabad, Twitter was not surprised. This shows that there is instability in their struggle with fake news.

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