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Twitter may soon get a limit of more than 280 characters, bringing out new features

Micro blogging site Twitter users will be getting an update soon. This can further increase the limit of 280 characters. We have been told by the company that we are looking beyond 280 characters. We want to allow everyone on Twitter to express their opinions but also make them feel good. Use your real voice in a tweet or in a live chat.

New features will be rolled out
At the same time, Twitter will still bring some new features. According to the company’s product leader, Esther Crawford, Space Format encourages users to join chat in a new way. The end of the live stream could allow people to play space audio, he said. In addition, Twitter is also looking to increase the reach of super followers. Twitter is rolling out Heads Up, which is currently in the testing phase.

Option to restrict spaces
In fact, according to some media reports, Twitter will soon be adding four new features. With the advent of these new features, users will be able to set new rules for their destinations. In addition, users also have the option of restricting spaces. That is, Twitter users get the privilege of blocking direct conversations of a certain group of people. This feature is currently under testing.

Can be answered
In addition, it has been reported that the replay option will be offered to users for spaces. Currently, users can join spaces only after the conversation has gone live. Also, once the conversation is over you cannot hear it again.

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