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Twitter has launched this new feature to see what the benefits are, how to use it

Twitter New Update: If you are using the micro-blogging site Twitter, you have good news. Now you will also be able to record space. Twitter recently released this feature for everyone (Twitter’s new feature launch). Twitter has made it clear that this new feature can be used by both Android and iOS users. Let us tell you in detail about this new update.

How it works

If you are using space and would like to record a discussion at this time, then you need to click on the ‘Record Space’ button that appears on the screen. After that the recording begins.

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The file lasts for 30 days

This recording will be with you for 30 days. Even if you deliberately or unintentionally delete your recording before 30 days, Twitter will retain a copy of the recording for 120 days.

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What is space

In fact, Twitter Spaces is a platform for interacting with audio. Many of them will gather and speak. It’s like a public forum where anyone can join. You don’t need a Twitter account to ask for space. You can join that space directly. It may also include people who do not follow you. Only 13 people can join it.

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