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Twitter brings a new update, eliminating the auto-refresh timeline feature

Twitter Auto-Refresh Timeline Feature: The company has updated the micro blogging site Twitter. In addition, the auto-refresh feature has been removed from Twitter, which means that the Twitter timeline is no longer automatically refreshed. Now users need to refresh the timeline itself, only then will new tweets be loaded. Whether you want to do it or not, it’s entirely up to you. Twitter does not refresh itself.

Users were having trouble
In fact, there have been complaints that tweets usually disappear from mid-reading on Twitter. This happens when the user’s timeline is refreshed automatically. Shortly thereafter new tweets were coming out. In such a situation, if a user reads a tweet on a timeline, they run into trouble. But now, Twitter has solved this problem facing users.

The problem became known in September
The company first realized the problem in September and said it was working to fix it. The company says it will update the web version of the platform so that users don’t automatically disappear when they read the tweet. It should be noted that this did not happen in Twitter’s iOS and Android apps, where users had to refresh the timeline.

Twitter does not crop the image
Let us tell you that Twitter introduced the full-size image preview feature on mobile at the beginning of the year, and now the company has announced the removal of the option to auto-crop any image in the web version of Twitter. Now users can see the entire image without cropping, that is, the image uploaded on the Twitter web is the same size as the user uploaded.

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