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Transfer your Facebook photos and videos to Google Photos, learn the simple process here

On the social media giant Facebook, users share their photos and videos with their friends. We don’t get our old photo in our phone’s gallery, but if we upload it on Facebook, we’ll get it right away. But when there are more photos there are some problems with downloading them one by one. Many people are unaware that Facebook allows its users to transfer their photos to Google Photos.

If you want to save the photos and videos posted on your Facebook to Google Photos, today we’re going to tell you the whole process. Here’s how you can transfer your photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos.

This is the process of transferring photos from Facebook to Google Photos

First, open Facebook on your phone.
After this, tap on the three rows made in the upper right.
Here you have to choose the setting and privacy option.
After doing this, you should tap on your information.
As soon as you tap on it, you get the option to transfer a copy of your information.
After tapping on it, you get the option to tap on it, next.
Here you will find many options, in which you should choose Google Photos.
Now, after tapping here, sign into your Google Photos account by entering the ID password.
Now here you are asked for permission to link to Facebook in Google Photos.
Your Facebook data will be transferred as soon as you confirm it.

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