Transfer PUBG’s old data on Battlefield Mobile India, with only 2 days left

Battlegrounds The wait for the Mobile India game is finally over. This game is officially launched in India. At the same time, Crafton, the maker of Battlegrounds Mobile India, offers users a facility under which PUBG users can transfer their PUBG mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company has set its deadline for July 6. That means you have two days to transfer your data. Learn how you can transfer PUBG data to Battlefield Mobile India. & Nbsp;
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Transfer old PUBG data to Battlefield Mobile India
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Open Battlefield Mobile India game on your Android smartphone.
Log in with your Facebook or Twitter account by accepting the Privacy Policy.
Make sure you’re logged into the same social account you have to do with the account you made on PUBG Mobile.
Once this is done, accept the Terms of Service now.
After creating a new role in Battlefield Mobile India, you will see a pop up. In this you will be asked about account data transfer.
Here you must click Agree.
Once this is done you will see another window where you will need to select it in the old app, PUBG Mobile. From which SNS (Social Networking Service) account you want to transfer data to Battleground Mobile India.
After this you will be asked once again whether you want to transfer data from the old application. Yes if & nbsp; Agree.
If you choose the wrong social media account then you get the option to link another account by going to the game settings. & Nbsp;
Battlefield Mobile India has an option to link two social media accounts simultaneously.
After clicking Accept, you will receive a message informing you that the data has been successfully transferred from the old account to the new account. p>

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