World No 1 Mobile Games: List of Best No.1 Mobile Game in the World?

World No 1 Mobile Games: Mobile gaming has improved at a much faster rate than any previous technology. Android games are hitting new levels every year. There are more and more premium game releases that challenge what phones can do, and free gameplay is getting better and better. To be honest, mobile still has a pretty impressive title. Without further delay, here are the best Android games available right now! These are the best of the best, so the list doesn’t change very often unless something great comes out.

Lists of Top 5 Mobile Games in the world

1. Call of Duty: Mobile 

cod mobile World No 1 Mobile Games: List of Best No.1 Mobile Game in the World? best mobile games of all time
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Official CALL OF DUTY® designed exclusively for mobile phones. Play iconic multiplayer maps and modes anytime, anywhere. A 100-man battle royale battlefield? A fast 5v5 team deathmatch? Sniper vs Sniper Battle? Activision’s FREE CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE has it all.

Play for free on mobile

Enjoy console-quality HD gaming on your phone with customizable controls, voice and text chat, and thrilling 3D graphics and sounds. Now experience the thrill of the world’s most loved shooting game on your phone.

Incredible game modes and maps

Play the iconic multiplayer maps of Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, available for free for the first time. Or squad up with friends on the new 100-player battle royale survival map Have fun with millions of players around the world!

Customize your own loadout

Playing CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE unlocks and earns dozens of famous characters, weapons, costumes, scoring records, and gear that you can use to customize your gear. Bring these gear to battle in Battle Royale and use thrilling PvP multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Free For All, Search and Destroy, Domination, Hardpoint and more.

competitive and social play

Use your skills and strategy to reach the top in competitive ranked mode or play with friends to earn the most clan prizes. Compete and fight against millions of friends and enemies in this thrilling free multiplayer shooter game.

choice and complexity

Whether it’s gameplay, events, controls or load-outs, CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE brings complexity and depth in an ever-changing experience.


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2. Genshin Impact

genshin impact World No 1 Mobile Games: List of Best No.1 Mobile Game in the World? best mobile games of all time
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You and your brother have arrived here from another world. Torn apart by an unknown god, deprived of your powers, and in a deep sleep, you now awaken in a world very different from when you first arrived.

So, embark on a journey across Teyvat to find the answer of The Seven, the god of each element. Along the way, get ready to explore every nook and cranny of this amazing world, and join forces with a variety of characters to unravel the countless mysteries Teyvat has…

massive open world

Climb mountains, swim across rivers, glide through the world below, and enjoy jaw-dropping views at every step. And if you stop to investigate a wandering Seelie or a strange mechanism, who knows what to find?

elemental combat system

It utilizes seven elements to cause elemental reactions. Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro and Geo interact in all sorts of ways, and Vision Wielders have the power to turn this into an advantage.

Vaporize Hydro with Pyro, Charge with Electro or freeze with Cryo? Mastery of the elements will give you an edge in battle and exploration.

beautiful video

Delight your eyes from the world around you by providing a truly immersive visual experience with stunning art styles, real-time rendering, and finely tuned character animations. Both lighting and weather naturally change over time, bringing every detail of this world to life.

soothing soundtrack

The beautiful sound of Teyvat will draw you in as you explore the vast world around you. The soundtrack, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, changes seamlessly over time and gameplay to match the mood.

Build your dream team

Team up with a variety of characters in Teyvat, each with their own unique personality, story and abilities. Discover your favorite party combinations and level up your characters to conquer the most intimidating enemies and domains.

Journey with friends

Play with your friends across multiple platforms for more elemental action, solve tricky boss fights, and conquer challenging domains together for rich rewards.

Standing at the top of Jueyun Karst and admiring the rolling clouds and expansive terrain, you may want to stay a little longer in Teyvat…but how can you rest until you are reunited with your lost brother? ? Travelers, go ahead and start your adventure!

Mobile Game Controller for iPhone (iOS 13.4 or Later), IFYOO Gaming Joystick

3.GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport World No 1 Mobile Games: List of Best No.1 Mobile Game in the World? best mobile games of all time
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Fire up your high-speed career as a professional racer in GRID Autosport, designed to offer an irresistible combination of simulation handling and arcade thrills.

Buy Once, Race Forever
Get the full AAA hit and all DLC in one simple purchase.

100 cars and 100 circuits
Countless high-performance rides on countless tracks, roads, laps and loops.

customizable controls
Switch between intuitive custom controls (tilt, wheel touch, arrow touch or gamepad).

Scalability Difficulty
It sets the bar from the nice and easy to the devilishly difficult.

Master various disciplines
Compete in Open-Wheel, Tuner, Touring, Endurance, Demolition, Drift, Drag and Street Races.

Grid Autosport Black Edition (Day 1) Video Game


GrisCoverImage World No 1 Mobile Games: List of Best No.1 Mobile Game in the World? best mobile games of all time
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Gris is a hopeful little girl lost in her own world, dealing with painful experiences in her life. Her journey through her grief is revealed in her dress, which grants her new abilities to better navigate her dim reality. As her story unfolds, Gris grows emotionally and reveals her new path to explore using her new abilities to see her own world in a different way.

GRIS is a serene and moving experience without risk, frustration or death. Players will explore a meticulously designed world that comes alive with detailed art, detailed animations, and elegant original scores. Game light puzzles, platforming sequences, and optional skill-based challenges will reveal themselves as Gris’ world becomes more accessible.

GRIS is a near-textless experience, with only simple control notifications displayed via universal icons. This game can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of language.

5. Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra World No 1 Mobile Games: List of Best No.1 Mobile Game in the World? best mobile games of all time
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In this strategy card game, skill defines success, not luck. Mix and match Rune Terra’s iconic champions, allies and regions to unlock unique card synergies and outsmart your opponents.

Master every moment
The dynamic, alternating gameplay means you can always react and react, but so can your opponents. You can choose from dozens of champion cards to include in your deck, each using a different mechanic inspired by the original League of Legends abilities.

Champions enter battles with powerful cards, and if you play wisely, they level up and become more epic. Level up your champion multiple times in-game to earn the Champion Mastery crest the more you play.

Always a new way to play
All champions and allies in the game are from the Runeterra region including Demacia, Noxus, Freljord, Piltover & Zaun, Ionia, Targon, Shurima and Shadow Isles.

Learn how different champions and regions work together to give them unique advantages over their opponents. Combine, tweak, and experiment with new releases frequently in an ever-evolving meta.

Play to win and don’t pay to win
Get cards for free or buy exactly what you want with shards and wildcards. You can manage your collection and you don’t have to pay for random card packs. There is always an option to purchase a specific card, but it is an easy way to complete your collection without incurring any costs.

Win or lose, each battle brings experience and progress. First choose the area you want to explore and unlock allies, spells and champions that call you.

Unlock chests in the vault once a week. These chests level up the more you play, and the rarity of cards from regular cards to champions increases. The box can also contain wildcards that you can replace with any card you want.

climb the ranks
At the end of each season, 1024 ranked players from each of LoR’s four regional shards (Americas, Asia, Europe and Southeast Asia) will be able to compete for pride, glory and prize money in Season Tournaments.

However, ranked play is not the only way to participate in seasonal tournaments. You can also launch Last Chance Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is a limited-time competitive mode with unique rules and exclusive rewards.

Draft and adaptation
In Expeditions, build and build your deck using champions, followers and spells from all over Rune Terra, even if they aren’t part of your collection! Then test your new strategy against other players and fight for rewards.

League of Legends. Los Reinos de Runeterra (Guía oficial)

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