To get a good score on REET 2021, prepare with these tips in the last three days

The Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan will conduct the REET 2021 exam on September 26. After a long gap, the test is being conducted to employ more than 30 thousand teachers. All the details of the 2021 reit test have been released, and candidates now have only three days left for last-minute preparation.
Candidates attending both Level 1 and Level 2 of the exam should have adequate syllabus, so the first thing to do in the last minute preparation is to check that the candidates have left no important points. Here are some important tips to prepare you for REET exams in the last days.

Don’t forget to start new stuff
With only 3 days left in the test, it is not okay to start any new material during this period. Instead, candidates should focus on preparing well for the things that give them the most points.

Resolve previous year’s question papers
Candidates must solve previous year’s question papers. Doing this not only helps candidates identify the main topics of the exam but also helps them to know the difficulty level, type and type of questions traditionally asked in the exam.

Fix mock tests and sample papers
To qualify for the exam and add it to the REET 2021 Merit List, candidates must earn at least 60 percentile. Therefore, it is important to try at least 100 questions correctly to get at least qualifying points. Also, candidates must score high marks and be equal to a particular cut-off. To increase the number of best efforts, applicants are advised to address REET mock exams in the last days. Solving mock tests and sample papers can help candidates develop a time management strategy.

Practice more child education and education questions
In both stages of the REET exam, child development and pedagogy and language question papers are common. Each paper covering these topics has a score of 90 out of 150. Therefore, it is important that candidates are able to address as many questions as possible from these categories.

See previous year’s REET answer key
Questions are often repeated from previous year exams. Candidates are therefore advised to refer to the REET answer keys of previous year exams in the last days to know the correct answers to the frequently asked questions.

Revise and practice every day
The final advice to effectively use the remaining time before the exam is to revise and practice it daily. Especially for mathematics and science subjects, it is suggested that candidates should be familiar with key formulas, theories, concepts and facts.
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