To become a leader, she decided to become an IAS officer by dentist, and thus Neha fulfilled her dream

The success story of IAS Topper is Dr. Neha Jain: Civil service employment draws everyone. Through the civil service, people take a bigger position at an early age. Every year millions of young people in the country appear in the UPSC exam in their dream of civil service. Some of these people get to their destination, but some try again and try to reach the goal. It was Dr. Dave who decided to become an IAS officer from the dentist to become the leader. Today we will tell you the story of Neha Jain. Napa got a failure at UPSC, but she didn’t give up on it.

Study of dentistry from Delhi
Dr. Neha Jain was originally from Delhi and her early studies were conducted in Delhi. After this, Neha graduated from a prestigious institute in Delhi with a degree in dentistry. After graduation, she joined the dentist as a consultant. She was successful in her career, though her mind was constantly moving towards UPSC. She doesn’t want to take a risk with her career, so she started preparing for UPSC with a job.

After so many hours of study it became IAS
Neha believes you can clear UPSC exam even after studying for 4-5 hours every day. Also, try to study more and more over the weekend. He believes that time management plays a very important role in the preparation of UPSC at work. If you encounter any problem during the preparation, you can choose some websites by going to the Internet. Solve your problems and prepare properly from these websites.

Dr. Krishna to Delhi Knowledge Track Watch Neha Jain’s interview here

Neha’s advice to other candidates
Neha believes that even with employment you can prepare for this exam. However, in any case you must decide that you must pass the exam. Here Neha failed many times but instead of being terrified, she made a second attempt better. They believe that success can be achieved here with proper thinking, good technique, maximum refinement, answer writing practice and most importantly, time management.

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