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Titan Releases Smart Glasses

Titan I + Smart Glasses Titan IX: Titan Eye +, the leading iCare chain, has released its first smart glass Titan EyeX. The all-new Titan IX is equipped with audio, touch controls and fitness features. This smart glass Titan IX is powered by a Qualcomm processor and can connect to Android and iOS phones through the app. The company claims that Titan IX glasses can be used for many purposes, such as sunglasses, glasses or computer glasses.

The company claims that these smart glasses can offer up to eight hours of battery life at full charge. Titan IX Smart Glass, Rs. Available for sale at all Titan Eye + stores and on the Titan Eye + official website, priced at 9999. Titan is offering these smart glasses in the same color frame – Midnight Black. Titan EyeX Smart Glass features True-Wireless (TWS).

Features of Titan EyeX
According to the company, these smart glasses feature Clear Voice Capture (CVC) technology that provides clear sound quality with dynamic volume control. It adjusts the volume level based on the surrounding noise. This Bluetooth version has 5.0 Dynamic Volume Control. The company claims that Titan EyeX’s TWS feature makes it easy to use outdoors because users can listen to music while they are aware of the surroundings.

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Voice calling support is available on Titan IX. This means you will be able to receive voice calls from smart glasses. There is also the possibility of rejecting the call. There will also be an option to listen to music in smart glasses. Also, you’ll be able to click selfies on smart glasses. Touch control is provided on the left and right side of the smart glass. Also, many other smart features are supported. If the glasses are lost, you can track it.

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Titan EyeX also offers voice-based navigation through its open ear speakers. In addition, they also have fitness tracking features. It comes with a pedometer, which tracks daily walks, walking distance and calories burned. It has touch controls on both the left and right sides to receive and reject calls, control music and click selfies.

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