Tips: You can pay even if there is no internet through UPI, know what its whole process is

Pay UPI without internet connection

To make a payment through a UPI without the Net, you first need to link your phone number to your account.
To make a payment, go to the phone’s dialer * 99 #.
Here you will be informed of many options.
This is because we only want to send money, so send everything away by pressing 1.
Now you have the option to send money to the other person and send the payment. That means if there is a mobile number up front, then select 1 number. & nbsp;
The thing to keep in mind here is that the mobile number should be the same as the link to the bank account.
Once this is done, enter the amount here and press Send.
If you want you can also type some remarks regarding payment. & nbsp;
Now enter your UPI PIN to complete this transaction.
This way you will be able to pay via UPI even if you don’t have internet.
Remember you can only use * 99 # Disable UPI too. & nbsp;

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