Tips: This feature of WhatsApp is very useful, no need to search for specific message in chat

In instant messaging op WhatsApp, the app gives you this option if you want to save a specific message in a chat. Although it is a different matter, many users are not aware of this feature. Today we are going to tell you about the same. The name of this feature. Starred Messages feature. With its help, you can save a specific message by marking it as a star. Now comes the question of where this feature is available and how we can use it. Tell us what the full process of this is.

How to use this special feature of WhatsApp

To use the starred messages feature, first open WhatsApp.
Now open any contact chat you want to bookmark.
Once this is done, long press any message on the chat you want to mark the star, that is, press it for a while.
There are so many options ahead of you that you have to choose the star option.
Once you identify a particular message in WhatsApp, it will be saved separately.
On the other hand, if you want to star a message again, press and keep that message.
As soon as you do this, the same options come before you. Here is a star instead of a star, choose it.

Watch starred messages here
After identifying the message as a star, the question is, where to look for it, and what we’re talking about.
To see a star-marked message, open the chat on WhatsApp where you have marked the message.
Now go to his profile. Here you will see many options.
From these options, you must select starred messages.
Once this is done, all star-marked messages will appear in front of you.

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