Tips: No one can ruin the phone even if it is unlocked, know what this special feature is

With the increasing use of smartphones, many special features come into it, which is not in our view. Most of the features in smartphones are found on Android phones. There are so many features on the phone and we are not aware of many features. Today we are going to tell you about such a feature so that your phone can be unlocked but no one can ruin it.

What is this feature?
Pin the screen is a special feature found on Android phones. On many phones it comes with the name screen pinning, but the two work the same. The function of this feature is that if your phone is with someone else and its lock is open, you can’t open other apps on your phone, even if you want to. This feature is being offered on most smartphones since the Android 5.0 version.

Use this feature

To use this feature, first go to the phone’s settings.

Now select the Security and Places option. Advanced option will appear here.

In this option you will see the screen pinning option, select it.

See if the screen pinning feature is off, then turn it on.

Once this is done, open the app you want to pin, then go to the latest apps selection.

After this, long press on the app and select the pin option.

By doing this, you need to press the Home and Back buttons simultaneously and use the lockscreen password to get to the other app.

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