Tips: No one can find out if you read the message on WhatsApp, follow this simple trick

There are millions of users in the world of messaging op WhatsApp. With its great and exclusive features, it makes user work easier. Sending and receiving messages, pictures and videos through WhatsApp is very easy. In this, the blue tick will tell whether the message is read or not. But by doing this, you cannot read others’ WhatsApp messages in secret. If you read the message, it will appear as a double blue tick on the screen, indicating that your message has been read. But if you don’t want anyone to know whether you read the message or not, here are some tips. Here we are giving you some special tips.

Follow this step

First you need to turn on WhatsApp notification on your phone.
Wait until someone sends you a WhatsApp message.
As soon as someone sends a WhatsApp message, unlock the device without swiping.
Press down to read the full WhatsApp notification on the phone. With this you will be able to read the message within the notification itself.
When using this trick, note that you do not swipe before reading the notification.

Do these things to clean WhatsApp

First open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
Then tap on Data and Storage Usage.
This is where the Storz Uses option appears at the bottom.
A list of all chats will appear as soon as you tap Storage Storage.
Here you can check how much storage is being used.
Once this is done, tap the chat where you want to delete items.
After this a list of all the photos will appear.
Now delete your unused list on this list.
With this, your WhatsApp will be clean and the space will be increased too.

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