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Tips: If you want to hide on Twitter, this trick can help you a lot.

The microblogging site has provided many great features for users on Twitter. There are many things that we do not pay attention to. Often we post something on Twitter and we want others not to see the comments made on it. Twitter allows you to do this. If you want to hide comments made in your post, we’re telling you the trick. No one else can see your comments this way. Let us learn about this trick.

Hide comments like this on Twitter

To hide a comment on Twitter, you must first click on the three dots in the comment you want to hide.
After that, hide the reply and click confirm.
If you want to see your hidden replies, you should go to the hidden reply icon, which you will see at the bottom of the original tweet.
The tweeter will also be able to hide the reply via a hidden reply icon.

These are also options
When tweeting, you get the option that everyone can reply at the bottom.
Here you only get everyone’s choices, the people you follow and the people you refer to.
If you choose the option of everyone here, everyone will be able to respond to your tweet.
Other than that, if you choose the people you follow, only the people who follow you will be able to comment.
On the other hand, if you choose the third option, the same people will be able to comment on who you refer to.
Comments can be turned off if you select any of the three options.

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