Tips: Here’s a very easy way to learn how to get back a stolen smartphone

Nowadays, it is common for mobile phones to be lost or stolen during this stressful life. Most trouble happens when the phone is lost because it contains our contacts and personal photos. However, if the phone is stolen or lost, the police should be informed beforehand so this can avoid problems. But today we are telling you such a trick so that you can locate your phone at your own level. Tell us what this trick is.

Just do this job
To get your lost phone back, you have to do some important work. Please note that whenever you sign into any Android device with a Google Account, Search for My Device automatically turns on. You can use Google’s free Find My Device service to track, remotely lock and delete your phone data at any time.

The place can be seen this way
For this, find my device on another phone. After clicking it, a notification will be sent to your lost phone. As soon as you send a notification, your lost mobile location will appear on your mobile. In addition, using the Find My Device, you can find the last location of your lost mobile.

You get three options
Apart from this, you also get three options, the first of which is to play the sound. After selecting this option, your phone will start ringing for 5 minutes. This happens even when your phone is in silent or vibration mode. The second option is the Secure Device, which when locked, you are locked by the PIN, password or screen lock given to the mobile. At the same time, the option to delete data is available in the third option. With this you can easily delete the data of your lost phone.

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