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Tips: Facebook account remains on others device, then log in minutes with this trick

Social media giant Facebook is one of the most used platforms. In today’s era there are very few people who don’t use Facebook. Some users use Facebook on more than one device. Many times they log into their account on someone else’s phone or laptop and forget to log out. In addition, the Facebook account is still logged in, even if the phone is damaged. If for some reason your Facebook account is logged on to another device, you can easily log out of it. Today we are going to tell you a very useful trick, let’s know what this trick is.

Log out of your Facebook account from multiple devices like this one

To log out of your Facebook account from multiple devices, first open Facebook.
Now touch the three lines on the top right.
Here you will see many options, of which you have to choose the setting and privacy option.
Once this is done, click on Setting Now
Now go to the password and security option here.
As soon as you tap it, you’ll know on which devices your Facebook account is logged.
Here you will see the option to see everything, click on it.
Once this is done, tap the log out of all sessions now.
Now click Log Out for a Confirmation.
If you do not want to log out of the account from all devices, remember to log out by clicking the three lines next to the device you want to log out of.

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