Tips: Even after seeing the WhatsApp status, the person in front of you will not be able to know.

WhatsApp is one such instant messaging app that enables its users to better their chatting, calling experience. WhatsApp has so many features that many users are not aware of. Today we will tell you about such a feature. In fact, nowadays we keep a daily status on WhatsApp and also look at the status of other users, but many times we want to see someone’s status but at the same time we don’t want the other person to know that we have seen the status. Let us know how it is possible.

Here is the whole process
For this, you must first open WhatsApp.
Once the Op is open, tap on the three dots at the top of it.
Then go to the settings option shown last here.
Select the account option here.
Once this is done, tap on the Privacy option.
Here you will see many options. Of these, you should go for the receipts you read.
Finally, disable the Read Receipts option.
Doing this will not let anyone know whether you have seen his condition or not.

This feature will also be launched
According to a recent report by WhatsApp Tracker WABetaInfo, the company is bringing such an option to its user profile photo, where they can determine who can see their profile picture on their contacts. To date, the company does not offer any such option.

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