Tips: Contacts are avoided by phone, so you can return this way

Our contacts are more painful after the phone is broken or lost because many contacts do not return quickly and there is so much regret after losing them. But did you know we can recover contacts even after the phone is broken or lost? Yes, it is entirely possible. Today we will tell you how to get it back if contacts are lost.

Get these kinds of contacts back

If you don’t have Gmail on your phone, download Gmail first.
Now login to Gmail and
Once this is done, you’ll see the Contacts and Celander option under Google Apps on the left.
Here you have to click on the contacts option.
As soon as you click on it, you’ll see all your contacts here.
From here you can back up your contacts.
However, this requires syncing your contacts with Gmail.

Sync contacts with Gmail

First go to your phone’s settings.
Turn on the contact backup here.
Select the Account and Sync option in the settings and enable your Gmail account.
After this, all the numbers on your phone are automatically synced to Gmail.

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