Tips: Any video can be downloaded from Twitter within minutes, this should be done

On the microblogging site Twitter, we watch videos from around the world, regardless of the day’s events. Many big leaders’ statements or celebrity videos come before us that we want to download on our phones. But the problem is that we have no choice but to download that video easily on Twitter. Despite this, we’re telling you a trick so you can save any video on Twitter to your phone’s gallery. Tell us what its full method is.

This is the way to download videos from Twitter

To download videos from Twitter, first open Twitter.
Now open the tweet of the video you want to download.
Now copy the URL of the tweet.
Once this is done, type TwitterVideoDownloader into Google on the phone.
Here a new homepage will appear in front of you. A box will appear. You should paste the copied URL into it.
Now click on the Download button next to the box.
Now here you can download video depending on the quality.
Now as soon as you click the download here, the video will be played in full screen.
Here you will see three dots. As soon as you click on these, the Download Video option comes up.
By clicking on this option, the video will be saved in your phone’s gallery.

Download videos of this kind from Youtube

If you want to download videos from YouTube and you don’t want to download the app separately, you can easily download videos with the help of For this, you need to put the URL of the video in it. Now that the format of the video is selected, you can convert it and download it faster. If there is a problem with the collection, you can also set the file size here. However, with its help, you can only download one video at a time.

Note – Twitter and YouTube do not offer any such feature, if you wish to use these third party apps you can use these apps at your own risk.

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