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This way data will be leaked from your phone, don’t do anything reckless

Smartphone Tips: From time to time, you should read the news of personal photo-video leaks from Bollywood to sports celebrities and politicians. Many such cases have come to light in the last 1 year where private photos of big celebrities have leaked. Since then, people want to know how photos and videos can leak from celebrities or other people’s phones even after password protection. If you have this question in mind, we will answer you today. One by one lets you know how photos and videos leak from the phone.

1. malicious software

The role of malicious software in leaking photos and videos is huge. Such software or applications spy on your phone. They will steal your photo-videos and leak as soon as you get the chance. They upload it to different servers. In fact, when you install an unknown or any external application, they ask you for many kinds of permissions. One of those permissions is access to a photo gallery. When you give this access, such apps steal photos and videos from your phone.

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2. Password guessing

Hackers also gain access to celebrity photos and videos through password guessing. In this sequence, these people resort to different software to guess someone else’s password. If your password is easy to remember, the software can crack it. At this point, the computer tries to crack the password using a common password by trial and error method by password guessing.

3. System level attack

Another way your data is leaked is through system-level attacks. Hackers hack mobile or other devices. After this, they steal photos and videos from the phone.

4. From Cloud Storage

Many people place photos and videos in the cloud storage like Google Drive, Google Photos, iCloud to free up phone memory. Hackers steal your data from here.

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5. Social Engineering

This method of breaking photos and videos is also used a lot. Under this, hackers share the necessary information with users through social engineering. Under this, you can trust yourself and someone will ask your phone for some work. You also give them the phone with confidence, but that person leaks private photos and videos on your phone at work.

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