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This trick automatically deletes unwanted mail in Gmail, you can activate it in minutes

Gmail Trick: Nowadays most smartphone users are using Gmail. Some use it more and some less. For some people, Gmail is useful in personal and office spaces. As such, its importance is very high. On top of this, besides important mail, promotional mail and social mail also come to users. Many users are affected by unwanted publicity and social mail. They don’t take up space (Gmail space), but they also do a bundle of mail in the inbox. In such a situation, there is often a lot of trouble finding the necessary mail. We’re talking about a trick where these unwanted mails are automatically deleted.

In this way, such mails are automatically deleted

Now we’re going to tell you the trick of deleting mail you don’t want, one by one. You should do these steps for this trick.

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  • First you need to download ‘Email Studio’. You can install it from Email Studio Pro.
  • After that go to your Gmail account and open any mail in your inbox.
  • Now click on the Email Studio icon on the right.
  • Now you need to login with your Gmail ID and password.
  • After logging in, click on the ‘Email Cleanup’ option listed in the list.
  • Now click on Add New Rule and add the mail email id you do not want.
  • Once this is done, Gmail will automatically choose whether to delete such unwanted mail in a week or month. After selecting this option, submit it by clicking Save.
  • Now the email studio will be launched in your background.
  • After this, Gmail will continue to delete such mail.

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